boundary counseling program

Boundary Counseling Program is for juveniles who have engaged in inappropriate same-age touching or sexual behaviors, generally in a school setting. The boundary program targets responsibility, respect, an understanding of appropriate use of power and control and an understanding of sexual coercion, expectations, and refusals. This counseling program is generally 14 sessions, including a session for intake, a home or school session to coordinate treatment and meet with informed support persons, and an exit session with an identified personal safety plan that details the responsibilities of the juvenile to appropriately self-manage, as well as how parents/guardians or other significant support persons can provide supervision and guidance.  If additional critical sexual behaviors are identified, the client may move to a general sexual misbehavior program for therapy purposes to address additional issues.  For those clients with developmental delays, cognitive challenges, and or a younger age, the curriculum would be scaled to their developmental/cognitive level.