individual and family therapy

Individual and Family Therapy sessions are provided in the office or in the home/school, community setting. Our counseling utilizes cognitive-behavioral approach and other therapeutic models to help clients and families learn to recognize thinking and behavior patterns that contribute to the problems. Our interventions are strength-based and solution focused. We address a wide range of issues with young children and adolescents such as:


  • Addressing issues of trauma and victimization to rebuild a sense of self-worth and self-empowerment.
  • Working with sexually-reactive and sexually-acting out children to stop inappropriate sexual behaviors, develop safety plans, build self-control strategies and promote healthy boundaries and age-appropriate sexual /social skills.
  • Addressing drug and alcohol abuse by re-establishing sobriety and developing the skills, support and a plan to maintain a drug-free life and long-term recovery.
  • The development of positive coping skills for anger, impulse control, depression, anxiety and stress, conflict resolution and general self-management.
  • Enhancing relationships through increased communication, establishing and maintaining appropriate boundaries, developing consistent limit setting, and improving self- regulation, problem solving and conflict resolution skills.
  • Assisting youth in the identification and planning for the following of basic rules and expectations in all settings.
  • Assessing social and problem issues and providing assistance in the identification of positive social groups and activities; identifying healthy family and community outlets.


Bi-lingual therapy is available