Victim Trauma Therapy

The Agency offers Survivor Trauma Therapy for clients of all ages from 3 to 90+.  Our therapists are trained and certified by the International Association of Clinical Professionals.  
Therapists work with the client and families/caregivers to establish a therapeutic relationship that allows them to build a level of trust necessary for processing of difficult issues related to the trauma and abuse.  Initial therapy will address the development of self-regulation, de-activation and self-calming to provide an environment where change can happen.  

The initial focus of therapy is to create safety for the client, identify client capacities, resilience and strengths as a foundation for intervention strategie, and identify persistent behaviors and patterns that are interfering with the client’s ability to interact fully and successfully with their environment.  
The therapist will work with the client and family to better understand how traumatic experiences get captured within the client’s development and physiology and help them understand their thinking, emotions, behaviors and perceptions in relation to daily life issues and stressors.

Therapy will tailor interventions to the client which may include somatic therapy, EMDR therapy, TLC structured sensory integration and Sand Tray to allow the client to reprocess the impact of trauma and bring into the therapy session what matters most to them.

Therapy will explore the resources, interests and needs of the client in the context of their family and community, in order to build and maintain motivation, safety and support to achieve life goals.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an integrated model to help trauma survivors reprocess disturbing thoughts and memories.  Trauma and Loss in Children provides structured sensory integration interventions that allows the trauma survivor to bring into the therapy sessions what matters most to them.